Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apr 10 - Out of the Office at Fremont Older

I had a bit of a falling-out with new management at work late the week before so I took off the whole week April 9 - 13.  On Tue evening I went out to Fremont Older to get in some miles with Raleigh.

We went up the normal route: Creekside Trail to Cora Older Tr to Hayfield Trail.  We took that up to the Coyote Ridge Tr (top of the highest ridge there).  At this point, we turned right.  I wanted to explore the trails that head this direction (north) because I had never been there before.  It was getting dark, though so we hurried to almost the point where one trail turns off to the left to descend to the Stevens Creek County Park.  This was just pass a big green water tank.

We hit the turnaround time and immediately reversed course.  It was almost dark by the time we got back.  The lights in the valley below were beginning to glow.

Oh, almost forgot: it was my Birthday; the big 4-8.

Hike totals: 3 mi, 600' elev gain
2007 totals: 126 miles, 28,200' elevation gain

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