Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apr 07 - Arastradero Preserve

On this Saturday, I was luck enough to be accompanied by my wife, Malinda.  She had given me a set of coupons good for day hikes on Valentines Day and this was the first chance I had to redeem one.

We took Raleigh to Arastradero Preserve for a short walk.  It was kind of a cool blustery spring day, as I recall (cloudy, by the looks of the picture).  Did an uneventful walk up the hill and back.  We spotted this banana slug in the road on the way back.

We also saw a deer in the same vicinity.  As we approached the road on the return, Malinda spotted a coyote across the trail.

Afterwards, we went and picked up dinner at the Green Elephant in Palo Alto (Middlefield at Charleston).  It's more distinctive than the typical Asian restaurant (Burmese, I think); I recommend it.

Hike totals: 3 miles, 200' el gain
2007 totals: 116 mi, 26,100' elev gain

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