Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apr 08 - Pleasanton Ridge Pleasantry

The family (Malinda and Allison) were off to Boston this morning to visit colleges.

Michael, Raleigh and I headed to Pleasanton Ridge Open Space Preserve (East Bay MUD).

This park was of interest mainly because dogs are allowed.  It's also close enough to warrant a visit on a Sunday afternoon.

We climbed the hill by way of the Woodland trail.  It has nice switchbacks and is way more appealing than the fire road.  Once we reached the top of the ridge, we took the Ridgeline trail north all the way into some Pleasanton city park then connected to the Thermalito Trail to return along the other side of the ridge.

We descended the Oak Tree trail [sic], really just a bad fire road.

This is a pretty nice park.  Beautiful at this time of year but probably hot in the summer.  The trail goes through an interesting olive grove at one point.  We saw numerous wild turkeys and I'm sure there are lots of deer (although I don't think we saw any).

Good views from the ridge from Mt. Diablo down to Mission Peak.

You can probably string out a good long hike here, too.  We did 7 miles but could have continued along the ridge for 2 or 3 more, at least.  There was water at a couple of points so it might not be that bad in summer; maybe I'll return.

Hike totals: 7 mi, 1500' elev gain
2007 totals: 123 miles, 27,600' elev gain

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