Saturday, January 6, 2007

Quick stroll in Fremont Older

Raleigh and I made a really quick trip to Fremont Older this evening.  Sunset is at 5:04 and we got there at 4:40.  So we had just less than an hour.  We ended up leaving around 5:25 so plenty of time to spare.  There were still 3 or 4 cars in the lot.

Took the Creekside trail up to the junction with the trail that goes right to Hunter's Pt and left up to the top of the ridge (I'm not sure about the name for this fire road).  There were 12 deer on the hillside to the right of the trail just past the Cora Older trail.  I tried to take a picture with my new cell phone camera but screwed up so I don't have it :-(.

Saw two deer higher up.  Also an interesting bird, which I think was a Northern Harrier.  I think we saw the same one at Windy Hill.  They are much lighter colored than the typical Redtailed Hawk.

It was cold.  57 degrees on the way there, 46 on the way home.

Miles: 2
Elevation gain: 200'
2007 totals: 10 miles, 1700' elevation gain

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