Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

I decided to log all my steps along the trails of 2007.  My first thought was to entitle this "2007 Miles" but Anne and Michael immediately called me on that.  After doing the math, I decided to shoot for one tenth of that.  Works out to around 4 miles per week, which I think I can manage.

The year started with the "traditional" W.A.I.S.T. Management New Year's Day hike, which was at Windy Hill in Portola Valley.  We went up Hamm's Gulch Trail and down Spring Ridge Trail (I think it's called; the fireroad down).  Attendees were myself, Raleigh, Anne, and Michael.  That's it.  WM is fizzling out.  We need to fan that flame if we're going to remain viable.

We saw only a couple of groups heading up, lots going up the fire road on our way down.  I have no idea why people go up that way.  It is way steep and boring.  The other way (up Hamm's Gulch) is much better.  This marks my 4th visit to this park (and same route, basically) in the last 4 months or so.  They allow dogs, and the route is just the right length and difficulty.

A beautiful day (comfortable except at the top, where it was pretty windy and cool) and a fine start to the year.

Trip: ~8 miles, 1500' gain.
2007 totals: 8 miles, 1500' gain


miguel1hunt said...

I think we should double our 2007 goal and shoot for 414 miles.  That's only 8 miles per week.

ridgehike said...

I really hope waistmanagement doesn't fizzle even though I will be managing my waist south of the border this year. I may try to make a trip to the sierras in the mid spetember.  I saw a funny name for a hiking blog "two heel drive."  Keep it up I will try to read the posts from the hike.  Also I enjoy the pictures unless there of Ed LOL geez.

ridgehike said...

that last there sould be they're