Monday, March 26, 2007

Off Trail at Mt. Eden - Sat Mar 10

A week later I went out for a short jaunt at Mt Eden Trail (part of Stevens Canyon County Park, I think).  There is a parking area at the top of Mt. Eden Rd in Saratoga.  There's one trail which connects with some private horse-riding trails on the back side.

This time I went up the normal road then started down at the second "junction" towards Stevens Creek.  You can go all the way to the creek if you cross Stevens Canyon Rd at the end.

I was with Raleigh but we stopped just short of the road.  It's a bit of a scramble down to the road for no good purpose except to let Raleigh get a drink, but that wasn't necessary today since we were just out for a short walk and it was pretty cool (and late).

On the way back we scrambled up the wooded slope to the right of the road down near the bottom.  The hill isn't too steep there and the understory not at all brusy (i.e., no poison oak threat).

We followed a gradual creekbed up, then contoured up to the top of the ridge back towards Stevens Creek.  We then followed the ridge up until the way started to get brush-filled again.  We picked up a good use trail that went back towards the south and headed down when we reached the creekbed we had started up.  We were much higher at this point and it took a while to get back to the road where we had left it.

By then it was getting kind of dark.  We returned the same way we came, ending up at the car at sunset, more or less.  Fifteen minutes later we were back home.

I'm thinking we'll head up this way again someday and try to follow that ridge up higher to see what's up there.  Probably end up in somebody's backyard; maybe one of the vineyards that are up at the top of the normal trail there at Mt. Eden.

Hike: ~2 miles, ~1000 elevation gain
2007 Totals: 89 miles, 22,000' elevation gain

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