Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wandering around Fremont Older

After a weekend lost to rain, Raleigh and I went back out yesterday, Sat Feb 17.  We went to Fremont Older preserve and wandered around until it got dark.

First, I decided to not even try to get a parking spot in the main lot.  Having discovered the Parker Ranch road (see entry from last month), I figured I'd park somewhere along that trail and hike into Fremont Older from there.  I picked a spot on a cul-de-sac right next to a trail sign and set out.

This route goes through a bit of meadow and woods, then along a road that goes to a large green water tank.  The trail goes up the ridge from there to Fremont Older's extreme southern edge.

This is where the wandering started.  We took the Toyon Trail to the last intersection before it ends at the Hayfield Trail.  Veered left onto the Bay View Trail to the Coyote Ridge Trail.  Went right on that a short ways and climbed the little peak off the trail on the right.  Doubled back then went right on the Fern Trail.  Took that to the Vista Loop Trail.  Went right until it hit the Coyote Ridge Trail again, went left.  Climbed Maisie's Peak.  Continued a short ways beyond and then turned right on the Bay View Trail again (reverse direction from before).  Took the Bay View Trail to its end back to the edge of the preserve where we headed back down the Parker Ranch Trail.

No wildlife sightings of note (lots of rabbits, though).  A covey of quail exploded out of a tree along the side of the road and gave me a bit of a scare.  No deer!  There was a sign about a crazed coyote on the loose; maybe it was chasing off the deer, too.

Hike totals: 8 miles, 1000' elevation gain
2007 totals: 66 miles, 14,900' elevation gain

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